Community Service at Covenant

Whether through monetary gifts or the physical presence of members working, Covenant Presbyterian Church's presence is felt by many organizations outside of our immediate congregation.




Located in Camden, NJ, their mission  has been to equip

children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic

achievement, life management, spiritual growth, and

Christian leadership. They strive to fulfill this mission through

after-school programs, summer camps, two schools,

experiential learning, job training, and a host of other

programs that challenge youth to develop and realize

their potential.  

CHRISTIAN CARING CENTER in Browns Mills, NJ.  Every 1st Sunday of the month we collect food for their feeding program  which serves as a distribution center for groceries and clothing,  job placement advice and emergency shelter for the homeless.  Each month they go to the woods to bring food and dental care to those folks living in tents.  Both of these groups are actively spreading the gospel to the less fortunate.

BREAD of LIFE FOOD PANTRY in Palmyra when a community wide collection of groceries needs to be sorted and cataloged. Our monthly cash donations help to round out their supplies as, once a month, they give bags of groceries to eligible hungry families. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we help supply a turkey for their dinners.

FOOD BANK of SOUTH JERSEY supplies many feeding programs and charities distributing groceries in our area. They have classes to teach children and adults good nutrition.  The need is great and we support them from our budgeted money.
   Locally, we have collected supplies and sent donations to Catholic Charities PROVIDENCE HOUSE.  This is a group trying to protect victims of domestic violence.
    Every year, at Christmas, we collect gifts for children to be given to CATHOLIC CHARITIES EMERGENCY SERVICES.  In summer we help monetarily to help households feed children who are not in school.
    In addition to these groups our Mission Team supports the PRESBYTERIAN DISASTER ASSISTANCE, an organization helping families to rebuild homes destroyed during a natural disaster.  Volunteers are always needed to help.

SAMARITAN'S PURSE, another Christian organization, whose presence is felt around the world as they are first responders after natural disasters, also is a recipient of our donations.  This group has set up field hospitals and distribute food and clothing in war torn countries, sent medical personnel to help with the Ebola crisis, ministers to the vets who have emotional problems after their tours of duty and are constantly organizing work parties to help clean up after tornadoes, floods and hurricanes in the US.

MEDICAL BENEVOLENCE FOUNDATION is a Presbyterian charity who has helped to train medical personnel around  the world, has built hospitals in poor countries and is helping to teach locals ways to improve their health.


HABITAT for HUMANITY of Burlington County, URBAN PROMISE of Camden, with their schools and after school programs for children in dangerous neighborhoods, FRIENDS of JEAN WEBSTER in Atlantic City, who serve lunches to the poor, TENDER CARE of Moorestown caring for the elderly and SAINTS PRISON MINISTRY, who go to prisons to play baseball and spread the Christian message of love, all receive our monetary help.
    Africa has many opportunities for helping others and the needs are varied and great.  Through our budgeted donations we help support the following groups--


COATES MINISTRIES in Narobi, Kenya was begun several years ago when Randy Coates moved his family to Kenya and started spreading the gospel.  He started a church in Nairobi and has planted about 30 more in the outlying areas.  One new project he has is to drill wells to bring water to the villages, thus enabling them to have a local source of water.

REACH AFRICA in South Africa, started by one of our former members brought up in Covenant, Leslie and Tim Black, work with the youth bringing them to Christ.

FRIENDS of KAKAMEGA was started by a group of Quaker women from Maine who heard of many orphans, whose parents had died from AIDS, starving and begging on the streets of Kakamega.  They decided to build a care center and, over the past few years, have lovingly impacted the lives of over 310 children.  Today they have 50 children living at the center, 115 living at home with a guardian,  66 teenagers have gone to high school,   24 went to colleges or universities and 55 have benefited  from an agricultural training program.  A beautiful success story.  Lots of love and hard work.

Another international charity with a direct connection with Covenant is Glenn Pruitt at WYCLIFFE TRANSLATORS.  Glenn, another former member, is working developing software and diagnosing problems in the Paratext program translators are using to  translate the Bible into languages around the world that have never had a Bible written in their language.  He also has worked to develop software to help protect translators in areas where they would be in danger if their presence were known.

    Our outreach is varied and worldwide.  Come and share with us as we show others the gift of caring for each other.