Atrium Garden

About Our Unique Space...

Life began in a Garden…

In 1971, the current Covenant Sanctuary was built and a courtyard was incorporated into the design, aptly named 'The Garden'. The landscape architects were Wheelwright, Stevenson & Langran of Philadelphia, PA and Collingswood, NJ. Rev. Robert Kerr, Jr. , the current pastor of Covenant at that time, had input as far as what plants and materials would be used. The Garden has been replanted 3 times with money donated by individuals and once as an Eagle Scout project. It's maintained by volunteers.

Do you know special significance of the plants and rock features in the Covenant Atrium Garden? Ten large boulders signify the Ten Commandments, while the gravel represents the Kingdom of God. A Carolina Silverbell anchors the Garden and stands in as the Tree of Life. Vinca minor, myrtle or periwinkle vines are a reference to Jesus as the True Vine.

Learn more about this special sanctuary by viewing the .pdf document, which details the Scriptures associated with each plant. Access the document HERE.

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